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Drag + drop to upload content, and decide how much each file sells for. Your free account comes with secure Cloud storage.

Share payment links

DropVendor creates shareable links to an online Point of Sale for each piece of content you want to sell. Customers pay online to receive instant download access to that file.

Sit back and relax

DropVendor delivers your content directly to each paying customer, so you don't have to handle sales, fulfillment, or followup. Money from sales goes directly to your Bank Account or Debit Card.

How it works

Add files to your File Store

Your DropVendor account comes with secure cloud storage. Upload the content you want to sell, set prices, and get a public point-of-sale link for each file.

Link your Bank Account or Debit Card

Setting up your DropVendor Payment Account is simple and free. Transfer Available funds from your Payment Account directly to your Bank Account or Debit Card.

Share links, get paid

Customers will receive access to your files after they pay through the online public link. DropVendor immediately transfers funds from sales to your Payment Account balance.

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